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Poison in a bottle

One of the team is chosen to be the "poison" and he turns his back on the other players. The others hold on to him and he starts saying "poison in…" something, e.g. car, computer, grass. When he says poison in a bottle, they run away from him and he tries to clock as many as possible. Those who reach the clock must stop with a space between the legs and those who have not been clocked should free them by crawling through the space between the legs.


The game requires movement, cooperation, communication and is ideal for breaking up the day, use as an icebreaker and in general team building.

What  you need:

good space.


when being freed, do not watch the clock at the same time as it is crawling through, or sitting in front of it. Here it is good to have an overview and see e.g. who can forget to be saved? Who is asking for help?