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Compliment scream

A method for promoting praise in a group.

Lay eggs

Ball game, against a wall.

Laughter Yoga – Hello

Simple laughter yoga practice.

Drawing goes the line

 The drawing goes all the line, by writing on back.

The pole falls

A group tries to make sure that the pole does not fall.

Blindfold collecting

Two and two work together, one is blind and the other steers.

Crazy clothes

A bag of clothes goes, music stops, blinds dress.

Zombie name game

Name game with theatrical express .

Laughter Yoga- it gets bigger

 Simple laughter yoga practice.

Run into the pass

Everyone in a circle, then run the circle and compete for space.

rock, paper, scissors- with jumps!

Jumping version of good old rock, paper, scissors.

Human rainbow

Collaborative projects.

Poison in a bottle

A chase game with the possibility of liberation with the help of the group.

Laughter Yoga – lawn mower

Simple laughter yoga practice.

Blow ball path

Make a path with ping pong ball and tape, then blow with straw.

Þraut - Blöðruglas

Skjóta niður glösum með blöðru.

Unbroken path

Participants let the ball run along the pipeline

The line

The line

Name and

Name and

12345 Dimmalimm

Players try to reach who he is without moving, then run back to a chase game.

Collaborative drawing

Some people have to draw a certain object together.


The controller chooses one who is him and he tries to blink to death.

Tasmanian devil

Everyone chooses an animal (sound and movement) and then it is sent between the group.

Tights ball- puzzle

Beat down glasses / things with tights and balls.

Lead the blind

Two and two are together and control each other, one blind at a time.

Balance ball

Participants should move balls from A-B together.  

Hand and foot path

Printed pictures of hands and feet forming a path that is crossed.


Draw blindly on a plate according to instructions.

Thing goes around

A circle is moved between the group.


 Ball game on a designated field, 4 games at a time.

The Shield

Short description: Individuals receive a badge on a piece of paper and fill in pre-determined elements and report.

Friendship hand

Draw a hand and write the characteristics of the friendship.

The Pigtail

The participant should place the tail on the pig, blinded.

Move the water

Move the water from one bowl to another.

Sheriff and others

Participants stand in a circle and receive commands from whoever he is and need to be quick to jump into various poses.

Enter a hand- name game

One is in the middle, one in the circle calls another's name and the one in the middle should try to hit him in the hand before he can call another's name.