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Crazy clothes

 Various clothes are put in a bag, music is turned on and the bag goes round. When the music stops, the person who has the bag at that time is blinded, he pulls a garment out of the bag and gets 30 seconds or whatever is appropriate based on the group's ability to dress as he thinks the garment should be. When the time is up, the music is turned on again and the next round begins, this goes on and on until the clothes are done. It is ideal to take pictures after the game and hang them on the wall if possible, you can also vote for the one that looks most fun after the game.


The game requires concentration, going beyond the comfort zone and is good to use in a team effort and break up the day (as there are often plenty of unwanted things to take advantage of).

What  you need:

Something to blindfold / put on, all kinds of clothes, a bag, something to play music.


The group must not say how the garment was pulled out of the bag, the person in question should try his or her best to grasp it and get dressed, keep in mind that those who find it difficult to get a lot of attention. It's good that the conductor tries to stop the music as much as possible so that everyone can try it out.

·      Ideal to use the game for preschool age to practice dressing :) Or to draw costumes for a specific task or other relevant.