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Move the water

Stretch is placed around the bottle and tied to it as many mockers as the group suggests, maybe you need to have fewer or more. Water is placed in a container at the starting box and an empty container at the other end, the group then has to move the water between.


The game requires a lot of communication as well as cooperation, and the goal of the game is for the group to find a solution together on how best to carry out the task. Like all games, there is also an emphasis on team spirit and joy.

What  you need:

2 large bowls or containers, glass, band, rubber stretch.


If the group is doing poorly or communication is difficult, it is ideal for the manager to step in a little (take a break) and give them a hint that there is a need to organize the communication better, even just allowing certain people to talk or something that could make the game more difficult. or easier, depending on what the group needs.