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The Shield

The facilitator prints a badge, or participants can draw their own. The shield has four compartments and in each compartment you should write something that is relevant, the compartments could be e.g .: my hobby, what I am afraid of, what I want to work with, my strengths, weaknesses or whatever else the manager decides. The shield can be used in general for groups as well as smaller groups where you have to work with specific objects e.g. difficult communication, self-esteem, etc. When the shield is ready, everyone tells, if they do not want to tell, e.g. hang them up in the space, or just store. 


The game can be very personal and therefore tests the group's confidence, appearance, self-esteem, communication and listening.

What  you need:

 paper, pens, quiet / save space.


It is important that those involved in the project are willing to show their shield, tell it, do not judge, and show respect and confidentiality to others for what is said. It is important that everyone listens to others who are reporting. You can keep the task simple e.g. as icebreakers and request e.g. hobbies / family / favorite food / travel into more complex aspects that need to be discussed e.g. weaknesses / what I fear / bad memory / friendship.