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Compliment scream

Participants form a circle, one starts to step into the circle and praises himself loudly and cleverly and says e.g. "I'm imaginative" and the others repeat and say loud and clear "yes, you are imaginative". Then the next one takes over and does the same thing and then goes head to head until everyone is done.


The game emphasizes positive self-empowerment and self-esteem as well as fostering communication and awareness within a group.


Many people may find it uncomfortable to stand in front of the group and it can be discussed at the beginning that there is no need to scream, and you can say pass, but then it is also good to intervene quickly and praise the person, if he has difficulty finding something about themselves, you can even have a conversation with strong individuals within the group and ask them to be in a state of emergency if someone is in trouble. You can take more than one circle and you can also have them say about each other (e.g. praise them next to each other and the others repeat and say "yes I agree, you (name) are e.g. imaginative"