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Blindfold collecting

Objects are distributed over a certain area, e.g. blocks of a certain color, bottles or anything else that can be used. Two and two are together in a "team" one is blinded and the other controls, the team should collect a certain item / color without touching other teams (then e.g. minus points for it, or one item taken away). It is good to finish collecting everything and then change roles and do it again.


The game tries to trust its teammates, as well as needing concentration and good play as a team effort for those who work with it.

What  you need:

Items that are useful for collecting, good to be able to define by e.g. type or color (one collects bottles and the other bottles, or collects e.g. blue or green blocks


Here you need to keep in mind who is being paired, remind you to decide how the communication should be, take breaks if the competitive spirit has become difficult. Opportunity to examine the group's communication as a whole as well as the individual's communication skills.