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The field is about 4x4 m. Divided into four squares. One is inside each box. The ball is always given in the same box (different who is in it, called the king). Four start inside the field while the others wait in line to the side. The goal is to get the ball from one field to another. Hands are used to move the ball between squares (sometimes a foot too if a group allows). The ball may only bounce once in your box before giving it another. If he bounces again, you're out of the game, but if someone releases him, the same person is out of the game. Then the three move around one square to the left and a new player enters. Sometimes a king can have 2 lives, but the group has to agree on that.


The game exercises the patience, movement and communication of the group, where it is often necessary to debate whether the rules have been followed, and so on.

What  you need:

Basketball (ball) chalk, tape, good area.


Rules need to be clear at the beginning (can be used foot, is a king with 2 lives or something else that needs to be discussed and decided). If a group has suggestions for other implementations, it is time to try it out, and if it goes well, you can let us know so that a description can be added.