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Lay eggs

Players line up in front of the wall and the first one takes the ball and throws it into the wall. As soon as the ball bounces back, the player jumps over the ball with his feet apart, so that he goes between the legs, as if he were laying an egg. The one next in line grabs and does the same. The player then goes to the back of the line and this is how the game goes as long as the players have endurance and stamina.


Exercise, teamwork, strengthen team spirit.

What  you need:

Ball, wall to play against, good space.


You can add to the game by clapping once before the first round, then jumping over the ball, clapping twice after that round, and so on, it ends with if the person does not reach to clap e.g. 7 times before it is time to jump over the ball, the person is out. It is good to monitor the group's communication and see if everyone is not encouraging everyone equally and making sure that the competitive spirit does not take over.