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Collaborative drawing

Participants receive one pen, elastic and mock (let the group do it themselves if they can, otherwise have ready). When the pen is ready, participants are given information on what to draw (depending on the group's abilities) and then have to draw together.


The game tests the communication and cooperation of the group, as well as being an animator.

What  you need:

Sheets, pen, rubber band, string.


You can have one group do it at a time, or several groups at the same time, you can have everyone do the same picture and then compare or separate the picture. It is ideal to discuss what went well, what did not and then why. It is also possible to have e.g. more than one group and it should be drawn e.g. house, each group only gets a certain amount of time so group 1 runs to the paper and maybe manages to draw a roof and then the next group takes over and so on until the drawing is finished.