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Lead the blind

Two and two are together, one is blind and the other controls only with words. A track is set up that needs to be steered through trying to get from A-B. The one who is blind is waiting in front or with his back to the track so he does not know how it lies. When the person has completed the course, the players change roles, the one who was driving waits while the course is changed and then tries to be the blind one.


 The game tests trust, communication and cooperation.

What  you need:

Space for setting up a track (e.g. tape, chairs, bags) can be used for anything that needs to be passed / under / over.


It is important to take care of who is together in this project, however, it is ideal to use this project to pair people who are not used to working with each other or those who need to get to know e.g. more. If there is difficult communication between individuals, communication should be closely monitored. This game gives teachers the opportunity to examine the communication and trust of the group. There is also an opportunity to discuss e.g. what is it like to be blind?