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Enter a hand- name game

One is in the middle, one in the circle calls the name of another and the one in the middle should try to hit him in the hand before he can call the name of another, if he can call the name of another member around the person in the middle should go to him if the person does not manage to say anything and the person in the middle manages to hit him in the hand, he goes into the middle and "is he".


The game is useful in learning the names of the group as well as boosting concentration and being a source of excitement for the group.

What  you need:

Something soft to see with / e.g. roll up a sheet, sponge or other.


It is important that no one is injured, if the group knows little or nothing, the names of everyone should be reviewed first and the importance of taking breaks and asking what the person's name is and then continuing to help everyone get the names. You can also use business cards to start with and then remove them later. In hot weather you could even use a water gun.