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Zombie name game

Participants line up in a circle, one is him. The person he is starting to walk on someone in the circle, the person he is aiming at has to say the name of someone else in the group in order to avoid Zombie. The zombie changes direction and goes in the direction of the one mentioned, if the person does not manage to say another name in the group before the zombie arrives, they appoint a role. Do not say the name of the person who mentioned a person before and do not say the names of those who are on either side of a person.


Team building, coming forward, learning the names of the group.


It is important to allow everyone to be the Zombie they want, there is no need for everyone to go into their best acting, but it is also welcome. If the group does not know anything or little, it is important to first go over the names of everyone in the group and remind them to take a break and ask what the person's name is that they want to send a zombie to, while the names are being learned.