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Run into the pass

 Participants form a large circle, one takes a position outside the circle. The game begins with the person outside the circle taking a course and running around the circle, he then scores one in the circle in a race around the circle by clapping behind the person and saying "run", he has to react quickly and take set off in the opposite direction to the challenger. Each tries to be ahead of the other to run the ring and get back into the pass, the one who comes later continues the game, the one who got to the pass turns around to show that he has been allowed to run, but continues to be in the ring.


The game is about movement first and foremost but requires concentration and communication within the group.

What  you need:

Good Space.


Participants can be made to jump on one leg, be on their knees, or anything else that comes to mind. Care must be taken that the challenger does not take too long to choose someone to run against and that a certain group is not "playing among themselves". In this game, the butt is often hit and it is good to decide at the beginning if it is possible and if someone really wants to get the challenge on the butt, the person in question can wiggle it at will.