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Tasmanian devil

Everyone chooses an animal and shows sounds and movements related to it, can be anything and does not have to be exactly as it really is, even an animal that does not exist. The controller may also assign animals if required. In the beginning, the circle goes and everyone has their own, then one starts to be him and makes his sound / movement and then someone else's and then is actually sending to him, the one who receives makes his sound and movement and then someone else's, then this goes head to head and sent back and forth. Once you have experience with the game, you can start to let them out of the game who mess up, or do not manage to react quickly enough. If players are very confident and there are few mistakes, the manager can put pressure on them to do it faster, not to shoot straight at the person who sent you and not to send those next to them.


This is a game with a strong emphasis on team spirit and like daring to go beyond the comfort zone as well as providing great joy.

What  you need:

Area to form a circle (paper and pen if needed)


You can also use this method and clap in unison and use the names of those in the game and then have a simple name game. This game is a regular hit and is widely used in group work as an icebreaker or at the end of time.