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Sheriff and others

Participants form a circle and there is one, he can choose from the following that the group has to do: Charlie's angels, elephant, engraving machine and shooting. The person he turns in a circle and then points to one of the members of the group and gives one command of what is available, the person in question is then the "middle" of the project and those on either side participate, see more in the video how each configuration / task is. If the 3 who "are him" do nonsense or fail to respond, then they are out, so the manager continues head on until most of them are out.


The game is very much about concentration, observing, reacting, teamwork as well as having to perform.

What  you need:

Space to make a circle with the group.


It is important to go through a few test rounds so that everyone has understood what the role / set-up entails, it is possible to give a few chances in the beginning and that no one will be eliminated, but then it is possible to make groups disappear. It is important to be prepared for discussions about whether a project was achieved or not, and this is an ideal opportunity to work with communication. It must be borne in mind that I demand theatrical expression / attention from individuals who are both good to train but also to be aware of if someone does not trust themselves, but then it is ideal to allow the person to see the video first to understand what is expected of them.