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Participants form a circle and close their eyes, the facilitator walks the circle and chooses one who "is he", who is the killer. Everyone starts walking around the room and should look at each other, the killer tries to make eye contact and blink at others, if a person is blinked he dies and lies on the floor, if someone sees the killer blink he can raise his hand and guess who it is , if he is right, a game is over if he is wrong, he also dies. The game continues until the killer has managed to flash everyone or has caught up with him.


The game is a nice icebreaker as well as a team game.

What  you need:

Spaces to form a circle and areas to walk around a bit.


Participants may be required to make great changes when they die in order to add to the theatrical expression and need to perform, and thus it is possible to try out various aspects of the self-image and get individuals out of the comfort zone.